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$10,999 standalone price and $8,999 with Scans Club Membership
$8,999 with Scans Club Membership



Digital Clear Aligners

Intelliscan 3D Clear Aligners Program

A complete program with Intelliscan 3D at a low, affordable price. By investing in the technology your practice needs you will able to produce the highest quality aligners in the shortest amount of time.

Contact us today to learn more about details and pricing or to schedule a demo.

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Meet Model X

Empowering a Highly Efficient Digital Chairside Solution
Save Time & Money

Clear Aligners Without the Overhead

Grow your revenue with our affordable, convenient, effective clear aligner solution. On average, doctors who offer aligners see a $50K annual increase in revenue.

Reasons to Go Digital

Intelliscan 3D can obtain full-color 3D data of teeth and soft tissue directly. 

Less Wait Time

With digital impression scans, sending patient records is instant compared to several business days shipping off a conventional impression.

Better Fit

Studies prove that success rates are over 7 times greater with the use of Intelliscan 3D than a conventional impression.

Reduction in Chair TIme

With Intelliscan 3D there is a 90% reduction in chair time. We print and ship the aligners, all you have to do is scan.

Clear Aligners Process

Intelliscan 3D Digital Impressions


Patients come in for a scan, where you take 3D impressions, X-rays, and photos and conduct an oral health screening.


Our U.S.-based orthodontists create a treatment plan that you and your patient approve.


We ship the aligners directly to your practice.


Our patient success team provides ongoing support and ensures treatment is progressing properly.

Creating Clear Aligners

A Creation of Digital Technology

The idea of clear aligners emerged from digital technology. The manufacturing process derives from multiple digital workflows beginning with a digital scan using Intelliscan 3D. The traditional, less accurate option is to digitize a conventional impression by pouring models and desktop scanning. 

After a patient’s records are digitized, special orthodontic software is used to plan the progressive stages of treatment from current to desired outcome. Each stage requires a digitally 3D printed model to create thermoformed aligners.

Model X Intelliscan 3D intraoral scanner.
Intelliscan 3D intraoral scanner

Save with Intelliscan 3D and the Model X

By using the Intelliscan 3D your practice will save money, increase turnaround times and spend less time with the patients in the chair.


Annual Savings in Impression Material Alone


Faster Turnaround-Times


Reduction in Chair Time


Model X Warranty

Intelligent Scanning & Superior Support

FREE Scans Club Membership

We offer a FREE Scans Club discount membership program with great benefits, including a free 3-year warranty, free unlimited support past year 1, access to deep discounts on dental laboratory fees for any procedures that can be scanned with Intelliscan 3D, and free cloud storage and software upgrades.

Club Members Receive Deep Discounts on Pricing

Free Warranty to Club Preferred Lab Partners

2 Free Scan Bodies of the Platform on Your Choice

Take Your Practice to the Next Level