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Intelliscan3D all-in-one packages.
More Efficient, More Accurate, More Profitable

Unlock Your Practices’ Full Potential

AccuFab-D1 is a desktop DLP 3D printer specially developed for use in digital dentistry. It comes with SHINING 3D’s own optimized data planning and printing control software, which ensures a user-friendly and intuitive workflow. AccuFab-D1 features high print resolution and an outstanding efficiency; it can be used in multiple applications maintaining great accuracy. This is the ideal printer solution for all dental customers wishing to enter into the era of digital production.

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A Wide Range of Applications

Intelliscan3D clear aligners featured content.

Clear Aligners

Complete the entire process in your office from digital impressions to 3D printed models. Save on costs and gives you control to pick and choose your workflow process.

Intelliscan3D crowns.

Temporary Crowns

Save time and increase quality and productivity by scanning and printing a temporary crown, all done in-house.

Intelliscan3D surgical guides.

Surgical Guides

One of the top reasons to invest in a 3D printer. Surgical guides help eliminate human error and builds confidence when placing implants.

Intelliscan3D nightguards.


Save significantly on cost and time by printing nightguards for your patients in the same appointment.

Intelliscan3D models.


Print articulated and trimmed models of your digital scans in a few easy steps.

Take your Smile Design to the Next Level

Intelliscan3D and Smile Creator full HD.

Ultra-high Details

Use an advanced algorithm with Full-HD 1080p projector to print ultra-fine details.
Intelliscan3D and Smile Creator. high efficiency

High Efficiency

With a build volume of 144*81*180mm and a print speed of up to 40mm/h, AccuFab-D1 is able to print 120 wax-up crowns in approximately 45 minutes, or 4 arch models in an hour.
Intelliscan3D and Smile Creator wide range of applications.

Range of Applications

AccuFab-D1 can be applied in a wide range of applications, such as dental working model, wax-up, surgical guide, gingiva, customized impression tray, bracket transfer tray, etc.
Intelliscan3D and Smile Creator.

Intuitive Operation

Powered by SHINING 3D’s self-developed software, AccuFab-D1 supports Z-axis auto-calibration, automatic support creation, for convenient post-processing.
Intelliscan3D and Smile Creator.

Wireless Connection

It supports Wi-Fi connection, offering a smooth process of data transfer and printability.
Intelliscan3D and Smile Creator.

Open System & Material

AccuFab-D1 imports STL format data and provides flexible options for printing materials.

Take Your Practice to the Next Level