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$10,999 standalone price and $8,999 with Scans Club Membership
$8,999 with Scans Club Membership



Create Custom Smiles

Intelliscan 3D & Smile Creator

Make the restoration an easy sell by providing stunning mockups of the completed smile makeover.
With Smile Creator and Intelliscan 3D, designing highly esthetic custom smiles has never been easier. Create perfect natural and beautiful smiles, taking into account individual patient situations and wishes. Collaborate closely with partners and patients to align your restorative treatment plans with their expectations – for impressive and predictable results.

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Intelliscan3D smile design.
Intelliscan3D and Smile Creator smile design.

Easily Edit 3D Shapes

Intelliscan3D smile creator.

Smile Design Preview

Custom Smiles

Why Smile Creator?

Easily edit 3D shapes with simple 2D design tools – a real-time preview from various angles of the 3D and 2D smile design guarantees you perfect control throughout every step of the digital esthetic planning process.

Precise Alignment of Photos and 3D data

Load existing patient scans or create them directly in the software using the Intelliscan 3D. These will automatically be converted to 3D objects, which can be matched to 3D scans of the teeth.

Intuitive Reproduction of Natural Tooth Shapes

Create a new smile by simply editing 2D shapes. Accessexocad’s extensive tooth library for highly estheticanterior and posterior tooth designs. Facial analysiswith help lines and proportional guides enable you to design the perfect smile for the patient’s individual anatomy.

Real-time Smile Design Preview in 3D

Easily design in 2D and view the results in 3D from various angles in real-time. Maximum predictability of outcome is thus guaranteed as you can quickly and reliably assess feasibility at this early stage.

Reliable Realistic Preview of Projected Outcomes

Create accurate visualizations of your designs with Smile Creator and allow patients to easily assess their new smiles before entering into restorative treatments.

Intelliscan 3D intraoral scanner

Save with Intelliscan 3D and the Model X

By using the Intelliscan 3D your practice will save money, increase turnaround times and spend less time with the patients in the chair.


Annual Savings in Impression Material Alone


Faster Turnaround-Times


Reduction in Chair Time


Model X Warranty

Intelligent Scanning & Superior Support

FREE Scans Club Membership

We offer a FREE Scans Club discount membership program with great benefits, including a free 3-year warranty, free unlimited support past year 1, access to deep discounts on dental laboratory fees for any procedures that can be scanned with Intelliscan 3D, and free cloud storage and software upgrades.

Club Members Receive Deep Discounts on Pricing

Free Warranty to Club Preferred Lab Partners

2 Free Scan Bodies of the Platform on Your Choice

Take Your Practice to the Next Level